Health Science

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Technology and Engineering

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Social Science and Humanities

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Mr. Md Zaidul Answar Hj Md Kasim - a researcher for Thammasat's Institute for the Study of International Cooperation (TISIC) and Professor Emeritus William Tow co-authored a paper which was presented to a major workshop in Singapore (co-sponsored by Singapore's Rajaratnam Institute of International Studies or RSIS and the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) on 'Why the San Francisco System Has Survived? Historical and Theoretical Perspectives'. This paper is scheduled to be published as a lead journal article in the Scopus listed journal ASIAN POLITICS AND POLICY (edited by Aileen Baviera at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, who also attended the workshop) in the January 2020 issue.

Professor Emeritus William Tow will be delivering a co-authored paper with Mr Jittipat Poonkam at another major workshop to convene in Seoul (on 13 June). The 6000 word paper is on 'Australia and the Indo-Pacific: A Fourth Way?' The workshop is hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea and by the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. American, Asian and Australian scholars will be joined by the editor of the JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY CHINA - a Social Science Research Index listed journal in the "A" class category - and several hours of the workshop discussion will be earmarked on how the papers can be strengthened and revised to be published in a special issue of that journal projected to appear in 2020. The overall theme of the special issue is “China, Major Powers and the Future of Indo-Pacific”. A second revised and strengthened draft of the paper will be presented by yours truly at a workshop in Washington D.C., projected to convene on approximately 3 October 2019.

Professor Emeritus William Tow has consulted with Dr Greg Raymond who has tentatively consented to collaborate with a commensurate Thammasat scholar in co-authoring a third article as part of the Bualuang ASEAN Chair Professorship program commitment. Greg will also be convening a workshop at Thammasat co-sponsored by ANU's China and the World' centre. Professor Emeritus William Tow and his team have invited the Dean of ANU's College of Asia and Pacific (CAP) to attend this event and also the TUCAPS conference and he has tenatively expressed his interest in attending if his schedule permits. We are also in the beginning stages of organising a one-day workshop workshop event with the support and participation of the Australian Embassy in Bangkok in early December involving Thai and Australian scholars.